Founded in 1817 in Milan, Cova is synonymous with Milan and represents a taste of Italian excellence in the art of food and pastry. With over 200 years of Italian excellence, COVA Hong Kong showcases luxurious fresh cakes and pastries of prized heritage recipes, offers authentic Italian cuisine and renowned chocolates & confectioneries that air-flown direct from Milan. In 2013, COVA joined the LVMH Group. The position of being Milan’s leading Pasticceria and a luxurious and fashionable brand in catering industry has been further strengthened.

A Timeless Classic Began in 1817

 Founded in 1817 by Antonio Cova – a Napoleonic soldier, first opened its doors next to the famed Teatro alla Scala in the fashionable centre of Milan, since then, Cova has always represented the ideal Cafè for musicians, philosophers, artists, aristocrats, professionals and sophisticated people.  Since the beginning, Cova has been characterized by the opulence of its decorations, furniture, impeccable service and quality patisserie based on Italian authentic recipes.  

Via Montenapoleone 8, a Legendary Address

 After the Second World War, Cova has been relocated to Via Montenapoleone 8 in 1950. Preserving all its peculiarities, Cova soon became the preferred location for the Milanese elite and world famous artists, hosted the very representatives of the high society and the most stylish crowd. And it has never stopped, from Italian famous composer known for Aida - Giuseppe Verdi to Nobel prize winner - Ernest Hemingway to contemporary élite.

First Overseas Venue in Hong Kong

Cova opened its first shop in Hong Kong in 1993 and began its worldwide expansion. Until now, Cova opened its doors in Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Monte Carlo, Paris, recreating the traditional Italian combination of creativity and elegance around the world. 

A New Era begin – Becomes Part of the LVMH Group

Cova becomes part of the LVMH Group since 2013. Situated in the leading street of international fashion and luxury brands, Cova has become a label of elegance, luxury,  international jet set and cosmopolitan mood with a very traditional and sumptuous atmosphere.  Today, with a rich heritage crossing two centuries, celebrates tailored craftsmanship and creativity, continued to pursue the prestigious Italian tradition.

Hong Kong - the Largest Number of Cova Outlets

Offering food lovers authentic Italian cuisine, a selection of sensational fresh cakes and desserts as well as renowned chocolates and confectioneries directly imported from Milan, Cova Hong Kong has 13 retail outlets and 6 Caffè in operation, with the majority of them located in tier-one shopping malls including Harbour City, Pacific Place and Lee Garden.